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Ricoh Printer Offline

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Ricoh Printers are a prominent name in offering high-quality, easy to use users system and interface and hassle-free printing experience. With the help of Ricoh printers, users can execute numerous tasks like scan, print, and fax. But sometimes, they can create a nuisance as well by showing you the errors stating Ricoh Printer Offline. There are various issues included in getting this type of error and most common issues are when the printer is unable to make a stable connection with the available network due to outdated or corrupt drivers, internal errors and many more issues as well.

Ricoh Printer Offline errors can be resolved easily if you have some sort of technical knowledge. If you don’t know then you need to follow some easy troubleshooting methods. If you don’t want to trouble yourself or need anyone who can resolve and assist you with the much-needed assistance then you can reach tour helpdesk and we help you out in getting the most genuine support from certified experts instantly.

Troubleshooting Methods To Resolve The Ricoh Printer Offline Errors!

Method 1: Change The Ricoh Printer Settings

Mostly Ricoh Printer Offline errors will be resolved easily when users change the printer settings. No matter your printer is wired or wireless. Some of the steps are listed below to eliminate offline issues:

  • Start the process by visiting control panel by pressing Window + R
  • In the control panel go-to device and printer option and after that check that your Ricoh printer is listed or not in the default section.
  • As you locate the printer name or model number, click on it by right click and select see what’s printing option from the available menu.
  • If you see any unfinished task remove them. After that head to the queue window and then to the printer.
  • After that select the printer tab and make sure you unchecked the use printer offline option.

After that recheck and make sure that you uncheck all the unnecessary option and the printer is connected to your desktop. Now restart your device and give the command to check if Ricoh Printer Offline error is resolved or not. if yes then head to the next method.

Method 2: Restart The Spooler Service

When the spooler service of Ricoh printer is off than users defiantly get the Ricoh Printer Offline errors. Thus, you need to check whether the Ricoh Printer Spooler service is running. Or not. If they are stopped then you might need to restart the service quickly by following below steps carefully:

  • Users need to press and hold the Window + R keys to run the dialogue box to access control panel.
  • After that, you need to enter service.msc in the appeared dialogue box and hit enter. 
  • Now you can see the service window on the display and locate print spooler services in it.
  • When you locate them click right on the services and choose restart option.

After that, your Ricoh Printer Offline error will be resolved. If the error still persists then you need to change printer properties or update the printer drivers to eliminate the errors.

Method 3: Change Ricoh Printer Properties

Sometimes the Ricoh Printer Offline errors will be resolved by changing the printer properties. Follow the steps to change the properties easily:

  • Go to the Start button and type Windows + R to access the Control Panel.
  • Search for the “Device and Printers” in the Control Panel window. 
  • After that click right on device and printer option and select “Printer Properties”.
  • Now head to the printers “Ports” tab and select the IP address of your Ricoh Printer from the available list.
  • After that select “Configure Port” and make sure that the “SNMP Status Enabled” is unchecked.
  • In the end, click on “OK” to save the required changes in the printer’s properties. 

After changing Ricoh printer’s properties, give the command to print your desired documents if the print id online then enjoy your printing work otherwise you need to update the printer drivers to resolve Ricoh Printer Offline

Method 4: Uninstall and Install the Printer Driver

The corrupt or unstable Ricoh printer drivers can be the sole reason in getting the Ricoh Printer Offline errors and can be resolved by uninstalling and installing them again as the drivers are used to make a stable connection with the device and printer. If you wanted to uninstall the printer drivers then follow these steps:

  • Head to the Control Panel and then tap on the “Devices and Printers” option.
  • Now Search for the Ricoh printer and after that click right on it.
  • Now from the drop-down menu choose “Remove Device”. 
  • After that, you get a confirmation message on the screen. Select “Yes” to confirm.

Now you have successfully removed all the drivers. To install the latest Ricoh printer drivers visit the official site and download the essential drivers without any hassles. If you need any assistance then don’t forget to reach our helpdesk to resolve Ricoh Printer Offline errors anytime.

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