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Fix Brother Printer Offline In Mac

Brother Printer Offline

Is your Brother printer acting up? Issues like, faulty USB cables, ink or toner insufficiency can be the            reason for your Brother printer offline status. Whatever the cause, we will assist you Fix Brother Printer Offline In Mac.

What Causes The Printer To Go Offline

To tackle the issue of Brother printer Offline, you should first be aware of all the possible causes. This will help you eradicate the issue once and for all.

Ensure that both, your Brother printer, and the computer, are ‘On’. And also that there is adequate power supply to both these gadgets.

Check if there are inadequate papers in the tray. We are often forgetful about the adequacy of papers in the printer. This is one of the few reasons for the Brother printer to go offline. If there is paper shortage, the printer is likely to show the error ‘Offline’.

USB Cables Fit In Check every aspect of the cables connecting these devices together. Additionally, also make sure that the wire connecting the printer to the power socket is in order. One loose or impaired cable can destruct the communication cycle, hence the error ‘Offline’.

Pending Work In The Printing Queue Lots of pending job in the printing queue can cause the printer to completely shut off. If you are looking for ways to Fix Brother Printer Offline In Mac, you should probably start off with checking the printer queue. We tend to ignore the outstanding work, that the printer will take up, soon as it finishes the current task. This can lead to not just one but various errors. ‘Brother printer Offline’ being one of them.

Check For paper Jam Papers stuck inside the machine can halt the printing tasks. This is a prevalent cause of error.

Fix Brother Printer Offline In Mac – Steps To follow

Although the initial troubleshooting is sure to fix the error, on the off chances, that the error persists, you can go about carrying the following tasks to fix the issue.

Set Brother Printer As The Default Printer Device
If you have multiple printers on your Mac, you should first set the Brother printer as the ‘Default’ printer on your Mac.

Go to the ‘menu’

Click on the ‘System Preferences’ tab. Thereon, open ‘Printers and scanners’

Click the ‘Default Printer’ head and see if the Brother printer is set as the default printer. if not, you have to select it and feed it in the default printer tab.

Printer Driver Installation

Carry out the below-mentioned steps to install printer driver on your MacOS.

Unplug the USB cable and the power cable of your Brother printer. After few seconds, put the cables back in. And turn on your Brother printer. Make sure that the printer is properly connected to the computer, and that the computer can detect the printer.

Next, insert the CD in your computer. This CD comes along with the Printer.

Printer driver installation setup will pop up on the screen. License terms will be displayed, click ‘Agree’ and move to the ‘Next’ step.

Further, click on the Apple menu and select ‘System preferences’

Click on ‘Printers and scanners’ and select the ‘Add’ ‘+’ button.

Choose your printer from the list of options and the installation procedure will be completed here.

Reset Mac Printing System

Resetting the MacOS printing system can help you fix Brother Printer Offline In Mac.

On your Mac computer, go to the ‘System preferences’

From there, open the ‘Printer and scanner’ option.

On the left-hand side of the panel, you will see a list of all the printers you have used with that computer. From among the options, choose Brother printer.

On the right-hand side, you will find the ‘Reset Printing System’ option.

If you choose to reset the printer, the Brother printer offline issue is likely to go away. But since the computer would no longer identify the printer, you will have to re-add the printer to your computer.

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